Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14th, 2010

Today's Goal: 6 miles @ 11:27
Today's Workout: (Coming to you direct from Vegas) 5 miles in 55 minutes (11 min per mile)

Two things:  My feet were really sore from walking all over Vegas the night before, but still I would have run 6 miles I just failed to look at my workout goal before I hit the gym and I thought that I was only supposed to run 5 miles.

They have awesome treadmills here!  They have TV's attached to each one and you are in control of what you watch on them.  I watched the price is right, and Drew Carey has totally had hair plugs or something, he suddenly has a ton of hair.  Anyway, I had a great run, the only thing was that I had to get used to the bouncing screen as it is so much closer than the TV at the clubhouse.  I was going up and down from running so I had to acclimate to focusing on the screen like that.

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