Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Today's Goal: Rest or X train

Today's Workout: Elliptical machine, 3.38 miles in 30 minutes, burning 284 calories.
Plus...Chair Steps, 3x15 each leg, plus 3x15 pulses each leg and pushups, 3x8

I have started keeping track of calories because I am now trying to be award of how many calories I consume in a day plus the amount that I burn off.  Now that I am 30 I can feel that my metabolism is slowing so I need to teach myself how to not over-consume, which is something that I have done pretty much my entire life.  There is a website called, it's free, it helps you track your calories and exercise water consumption. Then at the end of the day when you complete you entry, it tells you based on your caloric intake what your body will do if you continue on that way.   The first day I ate like I normally do and then at the end of the day had consumed something like 2800 calories, and it approximated that  if I did that every day I would gain 9 pounds in 5 weeks.  Wow.  Well I guess I need to pay attention. 
It makes me wonder exactly how those twin brothers on the biggest looser gained 9 lbs in ONE week though, especially at the rate they exercise on that show.  They definitely rigged it somehow.
Anyway, I like being more conscious about what I put into my body. I would like to loose 10'ish pounds so I'm hoping that the law of the harvest works out for me, consume less than I am burning.  Or consume less than my body will gain weight at rather. Oh, and I also give myself Sunday's off of keeping track. 

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  1. Hooray for myfitnesspal. Those things are always eye-opening for me. So, good for you.

    Also you're rockin' those pushups!!! Way to go.