Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Treadmill:  30 minutes, 2.7 miles
Free weights:  8 lb weights, bench press 3x12, biceps 3x12, triceps 3x12, lawn mower pull 3x12

Kids went to the playland at the gym, they loved it and didn't want to leave.  I had a worry free leisurely workout.  Fantastic!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Let it be known that I have not died.  Let it also be known that I have not worked out in 2.5 months until tonight.
There are many reasons why: death in the family, unemployment, search for new employment, wedding, moving, business travel, running a thriving but still start-up business, etc.  What is all boils down is one thing, prioritizing.  I realized that I had to gain some perspective in my life, exercise was way too far up on the priority list and my family was under it.  So....I was forced to take a good hard look and settle down.  My mind kept telling me I was lazy, especially in the beginning.  ALL DAY LONG, I would beat myself up and say that I was being lazy.  Eventually, that voice went away and I just felt peace.

My new goal is this, workout with my family to be healthy and happy.  That is all.

That being said, when I get a workout in (with my family!) I am definitely going to document it.  I guess I am just narcissistic that way.  Tonight Nick and I went to our new gym and enjoyed the cardio cinema.  I ran/walked 2 miles while Nick ellipticalled next to me.  We enjoyed part of "War of the Worlds" and I only almost fell off my treadmill one time, and only accidentally pulled the emergency cord twice.  FYI, that cord is a really abrupt stop.  I don't recommend pulling it.  Cardio cinema rocks!  The alien chasing stuff made me want to run faster and a couple of times I outran my treadmill speed.  Then I died a little because, man I am out of shape!

Afterward we went to do some arms and chest stuff.  I basically can barely bench press the bar, so that is awesome.  But there is nowhere to go but up!