Friday, November 12, 2010

Sat. 11/6, Tues. 11/9, & Fri. 11/12

Distance ran: 2.12 miles
Time of Run: 22 minutes and 40 seconds
Route: Treadmill

I woke up late this morning and only had time for a 25 minute run before picking up veggies.  This was after taking an entire week off of running.

Distance Ran: 3.0 miles
Time of Run: 30 minutes
Route: Treadmill

It snowed this morning!  It got really hot in the gym and so I opened a window.  THe heater kept going on and there was a vent right above the treadmill.  It SUCKED!  A and J were there though and I enjoyed talking with them.  THey start their workouts at 5:45 AM,  that there is some serious dedication!

Distance Ran 3.0 miles
Time of Run: 29.52 minutes
Route: Treadmill

Let's just assume from now on that I am running on a treadmill unless I specify otherwise ok?  Again with the heater, it is really really annoying.  Although it is better than running in the cold weather, so I will stop complaining.  I did some speed training today,  picking up my pace to a sprint for a certain distance and then kicking it back to normal.  The problem is that overall my time and pace are basically the same because I slowed down too much.  Oh well, it at least made it interesting.
I have also decided that I can fit a 3 miler in on Monday Wed and Fri  in addition to my tues thurs and sat workouts because N get's home at 6:45 and doesn't leave for work until 7:45.  I am going to try and run at least 3 miles each day with a long run on Saturdays.  We'll see how it goes!

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