Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Distance Ran = 2.5 miles (plus a half mile  more untimed)
Length of Run = 22.37 (8.95...hello!)
Route = Church route, backwards

I pushed it today!  I knew I was only planning on running 2.5 miles so I just gave it my all.  The results were my best time ever for this run, under 9 minutes per mile!  I'm quite pleased with myself.  Mrs. HK ran with me today, she is back from a week long vacation and it's been two weeks since she ran.  She kept pace with me the first 1.2 miles and then had a cramp.  I kept going, I really wanted to keep pace today.  I feel sort of bad about it even though she said it was fine, I just feel like I made a commitment to run with her and I should keep it.  I hope she really meant it was fine. 

Game plan from here on out: 
Sat = 10k run of my own devising. (Under 60 min would be great!)
Monday = Yoga or pilates
Tuesday = 2.5 miles, push pace
Wednesday = Workout with Sarah or Jillian
Thursday = Walk, undetermined length or pace, with Shelly
Friday = Yoga or Pilates
SATURDAY = 10K!!!  The goal is to definitely finish under 60 minutes!

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