Monday, July 5, 2010

5K Fun Run!

Distance Ran: 5k (3.2 miles)
Time of Run: 29.54 (9.24 per mile!)
Route: Around the neighborhood.

PR!!!  This was my first "race" since I have begun running this year.  I kind of freaked out a bit in the beginning  and overshot the first half mile.  Mainly I was trying to get ahead of all of the little kids on bicycles, so I just kind of sprinted.  I paid for it thought because I got a side stitch about a mile in that didn't let up for the duration of the race.  I also drank too much water beforehand.  That always get's me.  Anyway, I walked for about 20 yards somewhere near 2.5 miles, but then went back to pace.  The last .2 I sprinted...and I made under my goal!!! My goal was 30 minutes, and I did it with 6 seconds to spare.

Next goal: Pioneer day 10K in 58 minutes.  It will take a little bit of shaving off my time, but I am going to do it.

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