Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Distance Walked = 2.5 miles
Time of Walk = 45 minutes
Route = neighborhood

L and I planned on running this morning, but we were both kind of bummed and needed to talk.  L is moving!!!  In two weeks!  It is not a small move either, her family is moving to a different time zone and climate, far far far away.  I am so sad for many reasons, least of which is because I have lost another running partner.  L and I have been close friends for 10 years, we've shared a lot together and with our families. Our husbands are good friends, our kids are good friends, we all laugh at the same jokes and can really be ourselves with them.  Things are always changing aren't they?

 So, today we just talked.  It was good.  I am really going to miss her and her sweet family.


  1. Wha-ha?!?!?! T?! Dang I hope this isn't L that I haven't even had a chance to get to know yet. *sigh*